Quill & Disc- Protecting Ideas through Patents
Quill & Disc - Protecting Ideas Through Patents

Whether an idea in your mind's eye, an invention cobbled together from readily available parts and materials, or a sales-ready product, you know that achieving the full potential of your invention will require more than the creativity and work you have invested.

To your vision, Quill & Disc brings many years of experience helping individuals and businesses patent, develop, and license or sell their inventions. Some have been licensed to companies among the world's largest, and some have been sold for millions of dollars. Our clients are as diverse as the inventions they bring to us, and range from individual inventors working from their garages to billion dollar multinational corporations possessing extensive research and development facilities. Our mission is to deliver sensible, effective patent solutions to each of our clients, regardless of size.

Explore the resources that we have provided, and then Contact Us to discuss how we can work together to patent your invention and fulfill your vision.