Quill & Disc- Protecting Ideas through Patents
Initial Consult

Before you make an investment in a patent, you may want to meet us, or at least have a teleconference with us. We understand that patents are both complex and specific to each invention and the goals of each inventor. We welcome the opportunity to meet or speak with you, and offer a free initial consult that typically runs about an hour. During that time, we will try to help you to better understand the patent process and objectives, and answer as many questions as time allows.

Quill & Disc is located in Saint Joseph, Minnesota, just off of I-94 on the west side of Saint Cloud. If you are from or plan on being in the central Minnesota area, give us a call and schedule an appointment for an in-person meeting. If you would prefer, you can instead call for a telephone consult, which, depending on what is happening in our office at the moment you call, may either be conducted immediately or be scheduled for the next convenient time.

If you are comfortable with writing, you may prepare for the consult by describing your invention in a few sentences or bullet lists of key features, much as you would find on a short sales brochure. A quick web search, or a quick key word search at the US Patent Office web site may also help you to focus on inventive features or combinations.

If you have photographs or a small prototype or sample of the invention, these can be very helpful as well. If you have tried earlier prototypes or solutions that failed to meet your objectives, let us also know about these.