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Examination Risks and Mitigation

There are many very complex procedures and processes that occur during the examination of a patent application. These processes can not only affect the granting of your patent, but may also affect your ability to enforce the patent later. At Quill & Disc, we work very hard to communicate clearly to you what is transpiring, and the options and risks associated with those options.

The US Patent Office has many very highly skilled employees, and an excellent and experienced examiner can add value to your patent application. Nevertheless, there are literally thousands of examiners, and there will always be those few that seem to create a disproportionate number of bad experiences. In these situations, you can rely on the US Patent Office Examiner experience of our patent agent, Al Watkins, who is very familiar with the inner workings of the Patent Office. He will work with you and the appropriate resources at the Patent Office to try to avoid as many of the potential pitfalls as possible, and otherwise resolve problems as quickly and painlessly as possible.