Quill & Disc- Protecting Ideas through Patents
International Patents

In addition to US patents, we have extensive experience with international patents. Through the years, we have built relationships with very skilled and reliable associates in many different countries, and have obtained and licensed patents for our clients in some of the most challenging and difficult countries around the world.

One of the special requirements for international patents is that you must file a patent application on your invention before the invention is "in the public domain". Unfortunately, many U.S. residents lose the right to file in a foreign country by disclosing the invention first and then later filing a U.S. patent application. To preserve foreign rights, the patent application should be filed before any public disclosure. Absent an already filed patent application, each disclosure of the invention should at least be protected by a secrecy or confidentiality agreement between the two parties to help preserve foreign rights.

Nearly all countries also operate from a "first to file" system, meaning time can be of the essence for foreign applications. There are several country-specific requirements and international treaties that must also be respected, so if you are considering patents in other countries besides the United States, discuss this with us at your earliest opportunity, most preferably before you have disclosed your invention to others.